January 12, 2019

So, we’ve made it through the festive season. Christmas lights and decorations have vanished from view. It’s cold and still quite dark come 5 pm – and our bank accounts are a bit low. 🙁

Research suggests that in the UK, January can feel like the gloomiest month of the year. So, to liven things up this month, here are a few top tips for things to do on a budget.

  • Netflix Binge

Yes, this sounds lazy, but what is more enticing when it’s cold outside? Snuggling up under the duvet with your slipper socks and striving for that automated message to pop up on your screen from Netflix, asking ‘Are you still watching?’ If you missed it last week, the new season of Luther is a killer and on BBC iPlayer as well! It’s like they know you’re planning on staying in during January 3

  • Learn something new

This takes more time than it does money. So, when you’ve exhausted your Netflix binge or want to feel less like a hermit from time to time, there are some great classes out there for all abilities. Community classes cost maybe a fiver a go or require a small donation. Plus, they are great social hubs for meeting new people. Check out this quirky article to find something new – yes, there are even Quidditch sessions!

  • Get on your bike

We’re feeling it; after a season of eating and drinking, it may be time for a light detox or exercise plan. Why not do while venturing out and into London’s best places. If you don’t have your own bike, there are of course the trusted and true Boris Bikes located all over the city to hire at a low cost. Plus, a great way to see Hyde Park among other beautiful London spots.

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